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The Standard Schnauzer is a handsome, robust, squarely built, medium sized dog with aristocratic bearing. The original of the 3 sizes of Schnauzers, he is pepper and salt or solid black in color with a wiry minimal-shedding coat. Standard Schnauzers are noted for guarding the home and for their affectionate devotion.

Known as excellent family companions, the Standard Schnauzer also is outstanding as a working dog excelling in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, herding and therapy. Please explore our site and see our Standard Schnauzers at work and play.

THE STANDARD SCHNAUZER is a squarely-built, very energetic, medium-sized dog with a stiff, wiry coat. It is a robust and sturdy working dog, yet small enough in stature not to be overwhelming. These traits, combined with a coat which has minimal shedding and "doggy" odor, would lead some to believe this is the ideal dog. However, it is what is on the inside of this extremely agile body that has intrigued fanciers for centuries. This sometimes mischievous, quick and active dog is in reality a reliable working dog with a superbly intelligent mind. This is the dog that is often called "the dog with the human brain".

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A FAMILY DOG that thrives best on close interaction with his human family, it needs the proper outlet for its above-average intelligence that only living as a family dog can provide. The Standard Schnauzer possesses a very clever, inquisitive, creative and sometimes stubbornly determined mind along with a great sense of self-dignity. Properly and carefully raised, they make an affectionate friend and confidante for the children of the immediate family.

HOME GUARDIAN is the Standard Schnauzer's middle name. It is very territorial, and the family home is its castle. The arrival of each new stranger is announced with a deep bark that belies its mid-sized stature. Properly introduced, the Standard Schnauzer will accept close family friends into the home but warn away strangers with a deep bark and strong vigor that inspires respect from all.

MEDIUM-SIZED in stature, males ideally are 18-20 inches high at the shoulders and weigh 35-50 pounds. The females ideally are 17-19 inches high at the shoulders and generally weigh 30-45 pounds.

BY LEARNING VERY QUICKLY, the Standard Schnauzer can ideally excel in all performance dog sports. Like a mischievous and very bright child, they need consistent rules and a firm, but not rough, hand. They will get away with whatever they can and will "rule the roost" before you know it, if allowed. One cannot ever forget there is a Standard Schnauzer in the house.

THE STANDARD SCHNAUZER is a very adaptable dog. Although some breeders will not sell a puppy to anyone who does not have a fenced yard and others will require at least one non-working family member, the truth is that the Standard Schnauzer fits into almost any lifestyle or environment. Many Standard Schnauzers will accept sharing the house with cats, especially if introduced to them at an early age. However, small members of the rodent family kept as pets should always be kept in secure cages to ensure their safety. The hereditary instincts of their origins as a rat-catcher are extremely strong in many of today's Standard Schnauzers.

THE STANDARD SCHNAUZER is considered a high-energy dog. They need ample exercise not only for physical well-being, but for emotional well-being. The minimum amount an adult dog should get is the equivalent of a one-mile walk at least three times a day. These walks should be brisk enough to keep the dog at a steady trotting pace in order to keep the dog in prime physical condition. The Standard Schnauzer puppy is constantly exploring, learning and testing his limits. As adults, they are always ready for a walk in the woods, a ride in the car, a training session or any other activity that allows them to be with their owner. This is a breed that knows how to be on the alert, even when relaxing by the feet of their owner.

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"The dog with the human brain". The original breed of the 3 sizes of Schnauzers, they are a handsome, head-turning, robust, squarely-built, medium size dog with aristocratic bearing. Get your questions answered here on the SSCA FAQ page

The Standard Schnauzer (SS) is the oldest, and original prototype, of the three Schnauzer breeds. Since the Middle Ages . . . Discover more history about the Standard Schnauzer.

A properly bred, raised and trained Standard Schnauzer is reliable and protective with their personal family children. Could this be your companion?

The Standard Schnauzer excels as a working dog due to his shrewd intelligence, fearlessness, spunk, and reliability. See how the Standard Schnauzer LOVES to work.

In the United States they have been trained to help people in such tasks as hearing dogs, therapy dogs in medical centers and nursing homes, search and rescue, explosives detection, and more recently, to sniff out cancerous skin cells. The companion, guard, therapy, cancer sniffing, bomb detecting, search and rescue dog.